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7 Secrets To Increase Your Customer Lifetime Value With Email Remarketing

Your email marketing campaign is incredibly important to your business. Email remains one of the single most effective types of digital marketing, and today the majority of businesses still report that their email campaigns are vital for their overall marketing success.

7 Secrets To Increase Your Customer Lifetime Value With Email Remarketing

But are you getting everything you should in terms of customer lifetime value? Are your customers ‘one purchase wonders’ who will never make another purchase with you again, despite being satisfied with their initial experience?

Setting up the right email remarketing campaign could have a tremendously positive impact on your business, and we’ve put together 7 secrets that can help you do just that.

Create Some Form Of Urgency

Sometimes you simply need to get into the mindset and psychology of marketing. One of the biggest motivators out there? Urgency. When a customer or client feels like what you’re offering isn’t always going to be there or like they need something right now, sales can rise.

For example, offering special sales on items is a great way to motivate for more business. A 24-hour sale or even alerting a customer that their wish listed item is running low in stock could be enough to motivate them to buy. These urgency-based product recommendation email marketing campaigns can make a big difference in your bottom line, and every email you send out has the chance to get their attention.

Show Them Why They Need You

You already know that you need your customers and clients in order to thrive in the market. But do they know that they need you? If not, you need to change this. There are a few different ways that you can do this.

One of the best ways? Charts, graphs, statistics, and other hard numbers. For example, showing your customers in a weekly email how much your product or service has saved users or providing regular examples of how you’ve helped improve the lives of your customers can often help you remind customers why you’re the company to trust. It’s an offshoot of any product recommendation email marketing, and while you’re offering products be sure to tell them why you matter.

This is even true if you’re offering a service or product that customers don’t pay for. Things like a free app or service that draws income from ads and other sources of revenue may not directly make you money from the person you’re sending the email from, but making sure that they see why you’re important to them will help keep them as clients and ensure you get the best overall attention from your actual revenue sources.

Make Each Customer Feel Special

Loyal customers like to know that they’re appreciated and that you value them. So how can you do this? There are a few great examples:

  • Send a birthday greeting and even a special discount code for a deeper discount on their birthday
  • Send them a thank you note a few days after a purchase
  • Send an email checking in after a purchase to ensure they’re satisfied
  • Send out emails when a new product, service, or feature is offered

Seeing a pattern? Great email marketing means taking the time to send out personalized emails from time to time, not just the mass emails you send regularly. This helps customers feel like you really do appreciate them, and it can make a huge difference in how they regard your company.

Give Them Some Discounts

What do customers love? Discounts! One of the fundamentals of email marketing is to send out digital vouchers, coupons, and discount codes. This can be specially targeted based on their interests, a store or site-wide coupon code, or anything else. The key is to regularly offer some kind of discounts through email. It will keep customers connected to you and your email system and also help ensure that you retain their business throughout the future. Discounts work, so don’t ignore them.

Pay Attention To Lifecycles

Are you selling items that will be needed again in a few months? If so, pay attention to when your customer makes a purchase of that item. Have detailed algorhytms in place that allow you to send out a targeted email down the road as the average lifespan of that product ends – if you know that the majority of customers buying jeans from you end up buying another pair 6 months later on average, sending out that email at the 6 month mark could make a difference.

The key is to identify shopping patterns and product lifecycles and plan out your email strategy accordingly. It can take some effort, but is well worth it in the end.

Set Up Effective Recurring Payments

With revenue streams that are recurring like monthly subscription services or other similar systems, designing your stream the right way is important. In particular, having a system that allows you to ask customers to pay over a longer period of time can decrease your workload, increase the amount of time that they stay with you, and help you build a stronger relationship with them.

For instance, offering a free month of service if they sign up for an annual plan instead of a monthly or quarterly plan ensures that they’re your customer for a year. That month is a small price to pay for the big benefit you can get from the long term relationship you create.

Segment Users And Target Appropriately

Different customers want or need different things. Targeted marketing succeed when you know which customers want what, and when you target the right ones with your emails. Don’t just send out blanket emails to everyone on your list. Instead, create two or three email lists and develop marketing strategies for each one based on the information you have available. This can help you get a much larger ROI than you would with mass marketing email blasts.

If you’ll keep these 7 secretes in mind you’ll be able to start getting even more from your email marketing efforts. Our team can help with software solutions, strategies, and more. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you.