Predict Customer Needs,
Create Resonating Experiences

Predict Vehicle Offers

Using customers purchase patterns and their driving habits, we’re able to tell you which offers & services will suit their needs best. Is it time for a maintenance service? Or perhaps even purchase a new car? We do this by understanding:

  • Which offer will generate more revenue per customer?
  • When to communicate?
  • How to individually price the offers?

These 1:1 recommendations can be automatically executed by your choice of communication channel.


Automate Customer Journeys

Building a manual customer journey is both
challenging and limited.

Because today’s customers don’t follow a specific path, they each have a unique way to interact with
your brand.

Using our personalization engine you can:

  • Automate 1:1 campaign execution
  • Personalize customer offerings
  • Experiment with endless creatives

Boost Lead conversions

Powered by machine learning, our platform forecasts each customer’s sales potential at any given time, optimize your sales team daily workload and boost their performance. Easily master:

  • How to predict churning customers?
  • How to optimize agents’ call schedules?
  • How to automate lead qualifications?