Next generation of personalized messages

Personalization 2.0: How the Best Online Retailers Are Winning With Personalization

In today’s online retail environment, it is hard to overemphasize the importance of personalization as a means to improving shopper experience, which in turn helps increase customer lifetime value. When done right, personalization creates a user-centric experience, leading to more meaningful and effective interactions throughout the customer journey. Personalics recently hosted a live webinar detailing […]

Using Better Subject Lines For Ecommerce Email Marketing Software

Using Better Subject Lines For Ecommerce Email Marketing Software

There’s no question that email has remained one of the most viable and effective types of marketing tools that businesses can utilize online. It’s remained viable throughout decades, even as social media marketing gets more and more attention. But we’ve noticed that many who are using ecommerce email marketing software often don’t understand just how […]

The Big Secrets To Better Email Marketing Conversions

As social media has increased its dominance in the online landscape, it’s easy for people to write off email as being a dead marketing tool. But as always, the death of email is far, far away. Over half of the world’s population uses it, and on average it still brings back an average of 4,300% […]