Demographics vs Psychographics

Demographics vs Psychographics Consumer demographics answer surface-level questions about a company’s customers.  It tells who is buying the product and includes information like age, gender, marital status, income level, etc.  While this kind of information is important, it is not enough to capture the audience’s attention. Psychographics are much deeper and more insightful. They evaluate […]

How Persona Marketing Can Amplify Your Brand’s Impact

Persona Marketing When it comes to marketing, you strive to meet every customer’s wants and needs. As favorable as that would be, it’s not realistic. Enter Persona Marketing: a method of creating comprehensive profiles that describe key segments of your consumer base.  By grouping customers into certain “types,” you as a marketer can better understand […]


The Evolution of Micro-Marketing

Mark Twain once said, “I didn’t have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead.” This applies to most marketing strategies, whereas much planning is put into keeping messages clear and concise, tailored to the needs and wants of target audiences. But who is your target audience? Who is your […]

3 Tips for Getting your Conversions Right

Everyone’s looking for a “good deal”. But how do you measure it? How do you measure a “good deal”? Is it by net sales? Profits? The traffic it brings to your website? One common metric or “KPI” is conversion rate. A conversion rate, by definition, is the percentage of users who take action on your […]

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5 Best-Practices for Boosting your eCommerce Email Open Rates

Hitting that “inbox zero” is  a personal goal we can all relate to. But as an eCommerce marketer, it’s a real pain! You send 100,000 emails, and on average, only 16.7% of them get opened. Forget email open rates; getting your audience to read your content, let alone to click through, and make a purchase, […]

Next generation of personalized messages

Personalization 2.0: How the Best Online Retailers Are Winning With Personalization

In today’s online retail environment, it is hard to overemphasize the importance of personalization as a means to improving shopper experience, which in turn helps increase customer lifetime value. When done right, personalization creates a user-centric experience, leading to more meaningful and effective interactions throughout the customer journey. Personalics recently hosted a live webinar detailing […]