Don’t Ignore The Power Of Facebook

Few things in the world of technology have earned so much simultaneous love and hate as the social media colossus that is Facebook. It is an essential 21st century tool that allows friends and families to stay connected, and yet at the same time can be one of the most damaging factors to productivity for a typical office workday, as hundreds of millions of people sneak a few minutes here and there from work to check their computer or their phone to see what’s going on with their Facebook feed, or interact with others there.

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Browse Abandonment Is Not Final

The Internet has dramatically changed the way people process information. When there were only a few ways to do research on a product, such as reading a pamphlet, listening to a radio ad, or watching a television commercial, people had little choice but to consume the marketing content in its entirety, because there weren’t very many alternatives.

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The Problem Of Cart Abandonment

The ability to shop online has brought about both radical changes in the way people think and buy their goods, as well some behavior that would otherwise never be seen in the real world. For example, just imagine groups of people going into a grocery store. Most of them do what you’d expect, pulling out their shopping carts or baskets, wandering from shelf to shelf, picking up goods, and then lining up at the checkout counters to pay for their goods.


5 Marketing Secrets For A Successful Customer Journey

The rise of personal computers combined with Internet has changed the landscape of consumerism is a way that has simply never been seen before. Prior to this, the history of capitalism was pretty straightforward, and, in many ways, it was blunt. There was demand, there was supply, and the suppliers rushed to fill the demand. If someone did it better, the demand shifted over to the new supplier.


The Word “Free” Is Powerful, But Dangerous

Human psychology is a capricious, fascinating thing. It doesn’t always follow conventional logic, but it does have a logic of its own that can be understood, and exploited. This is especially true in the world of marketing, where understanding the way people think, figuring out why they want things, and encouraging them to engage and purchase products is all contingent on knowing what triggers will cause someone to buy something, and what will cause them to pass on by.


5 Ways Email Marketing Can Increase Customer Lifetime Value

When analysts talk about the trends, numbers and statistics that make up the ways in which people look at a business and evaluate its success, one tricky concept to look at is the Customer Lifetime Value. It may sound like a mouthful, but what the CLV essentially is, is a measurement or prediction of the net profit you may expect from a single customer over the long term.

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How to write email subject lines that get opens and clicks

Email subject lines are the headlines that give readers a reason to open your messages. And often they’re what readers use to decide whether to read the rest of your email or send it straight to the trash. Following some straightforward rules lets you create subject lines that boost opens and clicks.