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Demographics vs Psychographics

Demographics vs Psychographics Consumer demographics answer surface-level questions about a company’s customers.  It tells who is buying the product and includes information like age, gender, marital status, income level, etc.  While this kind of information is important, it is not enough to capture the audience’s attention. Psychographics are much deeper and more insightful. They evaluate […]

How Persona Marketing Can Amplify Your Brand’s Impact

Persona Marketing When it comes to marketing, you strive to meet every customer’s wants and needs. As favorable as that would be, it’s not realistic. Enter Persona Marketing: a method of creating comprehensive profiles that describe key segments of your consumer base.  By grouping customers into certain “types,” you as a marketer can better understand […]

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15 ways discounts cause irrational shopping behavior

Everybody loves a bargain – or rather, the feeling and perception that they’re getting a bargain. Smart discounting doesn’t automatically mean “deep” discounting. It takes understanding that shopping behavior often seems “irrational.” Changing the presentation of discount offers in small, but significant, ways — for example, fear of missing out, the “charm” of prices with 9s in them, using “get” vs. “save,” and dollars off discounts vs. percent off discounts — can deliver big sales and e-commerce growth.