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Next generation of personalized messages

Personalization 2.0: How the Best Online Retailers Are Winning With Personalization

In today’s online retail environment, it is hard to overemphasize the importance of personalization as a means to improving shopper experience, which in turn helps increase customer lifetime value. When done right, personalization creates a user-centric experience, leading to more meaningful and effective interactions throughout the customer journey. Personalics recently hosted a live webinar detailing […]

looking at discount

15 ways discounts cause irrational shopping behavior

Everybody loves a bargain – or rather, the feeling and perception that they’re getting a bargain. Smart discounting doesn’t automatically mean “deep” discounting. It takes understanding that shopping behavior often seems “irrational.” Changing the presentation of discount offers in small, but significant, ways — for example, fear of missing out, the “charm” of prices with 9s in them, using “get” vs. “save,” and dollars off discounts vs. percent off discounts — can deliver big sales and e-commerce growth.