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The Evolution of Micro-Marketing

Mark Twain once said, “I didn’t have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead.” This applies to most marketing strategies, whereas much planning is put into keeping messages clear and concise, tailored to the needs and wants of target audiences. But who is your target audience? Who is your […]

Are You Making The Most Of Free When Trying To Gain Conversions?

Are You Making The Most Of Free When Trying To Gain Conversions?

Few words are more powerful in the English language than ‘Free’. In Conversion based marketing, it’s the foundation of most efforts. After all, offering something for free is a great way to make sure that clients or customers pay attention to your business and what you offer them. In fact, it’s so effective that people […]

Great Customer Experience

Top Keys For A Successful Customer Journey

The customer journey. It’s something that not enough companies really pay attention to, and that becomes apparent when you start thinking about just how many positive and how many negative overall experiences you yourself have had with other businesses over the last few years. Sure, it’s likely that you can name a few positives from […]

Mastering The Art Of Personalized Email Marketing

Your company relies on a lot of different things to succeed, and one that you can’t overlook is your marketing efforts. Today, the use of email marketing personalization software can help businesses develop the best strategies and reach the best possible results with their marketing – but understanding why and how to get the most […]