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5 Ways To Improve Your Online Customer Experience

There’s no getting around it, the Internet has had a gigantic impact on the way people shop for goods. The convenience of buying things and having them delivered straight to your front door is too enticing to pass up, especially for smaller towns that don’t have access to larger, regularly stocked specialist retail items. It might be easier than ever for someone in a rural mid-west town to go to a big box store to buy a TV, but for artisanal goods that come from a charming specialist in New England, online shopping is the only way to go.


How packaging gives Apple’s buyers a sensory experience that reinforces brand

Apple is an acknowledged master at creating an iconic sensory experience that communicates its brand without any words or even a logo. Even a five year-old can pick out an iPhone from a retail display. Apple unifies the design elements of the device with the design of the package into a ‘whole’ experience that is greater than the sum of its parts – which, in turn, reinforces the Apple brand. Apple does it by ditching conventional package design practices and giving as much attention to the customer experience before the device is turned on as the company does to the user experience after hitting the ‘on’ switch.


5 Marketing Secrets For A Successful Customer Journey

The rise of personal computers combined with Internet has changed the landscape of consumerism is a way that has simply never been seen before. Prior to this, the history of capitalism was pretty straightforward, and, in many ways, it was blunt. There was demand, there was supply, and the suppliers rushed to fill the demand. If someone did it better, the demand shifted over to the new supplier.

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How to begin a customer relationship

Relationship. A word with many meanings.

What comes up to your mind when you think about the word relationship?

It can be associated with romance, business, or friendships. It takes many forms, and can, at times, encompass all the complexities of the human nature.

As an eCommerce professional, do you think deeply enough about the relationships you maintain with your shoppers?

Do you value them as prospective customers? Or do you blast them with endless sales-oriented emails?

Do you care, first and foremost, about the sale? Or do you care about providing superior customer service?


Ultimate Guide for Cart Abandonment

So you have built the best eCommerce site experience you could think of. You may have captured a unique eCommerce niche, developed an attractive brand, fine-tuned your copy, and polished the site design. You’ve implemented some A/B testing and noticed an improvement in conversion. But why is cart abandonment rate so high and conversion so low? And more importantly, what you can do about it?