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The Problem Of Cart Abandonment

The ability to shop online has brought about both radical changes in the way people think and buy their goods, as well some behavior that would otherwise never be seen in the real world. For example, just imagine groups of people going into a grocery store. Most of them do what you’d expect, pulling out their shopping carts or baskets, wandering from shelf to shelf, picking up goods, and then lining up at the checkout counters to pay for their goods.


Ultimate Guide for Cart Abandonment

So you have built the best eCommerce site experience you could think of. You may have captured a unique eCommerce niche, developed an attractive brand, fine-tuned your copy, and polished the site design. You’ve implemented some A/B testing and noticed an improvement in conversion. But why is cart abandonment rate so high and conversion so low? And more importantly, what you can do about it?