Product Recommendation Email Marketing 

There is a lot to be said about product recommendation email marketing, and a lot to be gained from it as well. What product recommendation email marketing does is combines the idea of retargeting with using email marketing, and when these two extremely efficient marketing methods combine, the result is not only conversion rates, but a personal and often worthwhile experience for the consumer. It’s the connection that product recommendation email marketing is able to make that makes it something special, and it’s just this sort of connection that companies strive for when marketing in the first place.

For those who like to shop online, it’s a big world out there. There are so many website vying for their business and attention at once that it can be easy to find something they really love at one website, move on to another one just to browse, and forget all about it. When this happens, the customer may be disappointed they let it slip their mind, and the business will want to avoid customers wandering away from the items they’ve taken interest in in the future. Product recommendation email marketing gives just that little reminder, and this will often be enough to click on that lightbulb for the consumer and make them think “Oh, yeah! I forgot all about that!”, leading them to rectify their mistake and leading you to a sale.

Email Marketing Statistics

Product recommendation is something of a combination of personalized retargeting and email marketing, so it makes sense to share a few email marketing statistics to show how efficient marketing by email can be. Email marketing is one of the most often used forms of marketing by businesses of all kinds, and a whopping 82% of B2B and B2C brands alike use it as the backbone of their marketing efforts. For B2C marketers, automated email marketing has been shown to increase conversion rates to up to 50%, turning leads into sales by reaching customers just where they’re going to see it.

While email marketing is great, personalized email marketing is even better, and that’s just what you’re providing with product recommendation email marketing. Product recommendation email marketing caters to the customer’s individual needs and interests, showing them just what they really want to see. In a study done by the Aberdeen Group, personalized email marketing was found to improve click-through rates by 14% and sales conversions by 10%. Marketing emails with a personalized headline along with personalized content were also found to be 26% more likely to be opened.

Retargeting Statistics

Retargeting helps to remind consumers of what they’ve looked at on the web before, and while only 2% of your website traffic converts to sales during the first visit, retargeting works to send a little reminder to that other 98%. Product recommendation email marketing does much of the same thing, but instead of in a displayed ad form, it appears in their email inbox.

Because product recommendation email marketing uses much of the same concept as retargeting, it can pay to look at how retargeting is working for brands, and how carrying out this concept in an email format can really work for you.

Retargeting was one of the biggest marketing hits of 2015, and it’s slated to grow even larger for 2016. It was found that the number of visitors who return to your website and convert into sales with retargeting ads is around 26%, and those who are retargeted to your website through these types of ads are 70% more likely to convert to sales eventually. What does this mean? Well, it means that retargeting is effective, and when coupled with the efficacy of email marketing, it’s really an approach to be reckoned with.

Product Recommendation Email Marketing Statistics

Now that we have email marketing statistics and retargeting statistics, it’s time to put the two together and see some numbers for product recommendation email marketing. Unsurprisingly, these numbers show that when combining these two ideas, the personal reminder of retargeting and the convenience of email marketing, you’re receiving a pretty powerful customer-reaching tool. A Harris Interactive study performed in December of 2013 showed that 81% of online shoppers who receive product recommendation email marketing based on their previous shopping habits did consider themselves at least somewhat likely to return to the website and make a purchase. Some even stated that they would be more likely to make additional purchases as well, on top of what had been recommended or suggested to them.

What product recommendation email marketing does is combines two very powerful and very effective marketing ideas and melds them together to form one, and this one has a success rate quite unlike any other. With 81% of online shoppers surveyed saying they would be likely to make a purchase, and perhaps additional purchases, after receiving a personalized product recommendation marketing email, it’s easy to see why this is a method that no business can afford to ignore!