Messages that
Increase Sales

Speak to each shopper on an individual basis

Converse with shoppers in an adaptive and native way across channels to increase sales, throughout the entire customer journey.
Personalics automatically tailors customer communications across channels using behavioral data

Timeline Customer Start
Search Abandonment

Search Abandonment Email

Communicate with a personalized search abandonment email, utilizing the shopper's explicit search query

Timeline Customer Start Customer searched and abandoned

Facebook Custom Audience

Utilize search abandonment data, and exposure to the previous email, to predict and communicate via product dynamic ads on Facebook

Timeline Customer Start Customer opened email but did not click

Personalized Daily Newsletter

Communicate relevant offers in the next personalized newsletter. Combine relevance and freshness to maximize engagement

Timeline Customer Start Customer is exposed to ad, but doesn't click

Sale closed via customer representative

As the shopper calls the call center, all their personalized information is presented to the representative, who is able to quickly recommend the best matching product and close the sale during the conversation

Timeline Customer Start Customer clicks the email and calls the call center to ask a question
After Purchase

Upsell / Cross sell within receipt

Send matching items as cross sell / up sell immediately after purchase within receipt

Timeline Customer Start Customer purchased an item and is receiving a receipt

Personalized Daily Newsletter

Continue tailoring daily newsletters to individual customers by utilizing previous purchase data and current browse activity

Timeline Customer Start Seen but didn't click

Category Campaign

Celebrate a sub-category by merchandising the most relevant and visually appealing products for each individual

Timeline Customer Start Didn't open email

Sale closed via e-commerce store

Purchase made on e-commerce website

Timeline Customer Start Customer creates cart
Visitor Exit

Personalized Popup

Show personalized pop-up upon identifying exit intent. Taylor discount and products presented to each visitor based on their search and browse activity

Timeline Customer Start Customer viewed product and about to exit the site

Facebook Lead Ad

Capture email sign ups right on Facebook with a personalized Facebook lead ad

Timeline Customer Start Customer closed tab without subscribing

Personalized Newsletter

Personalize the daily newsletter based on product search and ad information from Facebook

Timeline Customer Start Customer signed up to mailing list via Facebook

Facebook Product Dynamic Ads

Retarget customers more effectively on social media using Facebook product dynamic ads. Show only products that customer is interested in, to maximize engagement, conversion, and ROI

Timeline Customer Start Customer browsed products but didn't buy

Facebook retargeting

Reactivate and win back lapsing customers through personalized retargeting on social media

Timeline Customer Start Customer has not visited the site for a few weeks

Personalized offer email

Send an automated Cart Abandonment follow up email with the offer that is most likely to convert.

Timeline Customer Start Customer browsed the site and added item to cart

Send up-sell emails with product accessories and recommended add-on products.

Timeline Customer Start Customer completed a purchase and went back from Dormant to Active.

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