Messages that
Increase Sales

Dynamic Subject Line

The subject line is dynamically created and
personalized per individual.
Product / category names and emotional cues
are automatically served to drive engagement

Dynamic Copy

Copy variation is automatically A/B tested and
served per recipient to reflect the most
engaging message

Context based product recommendations

Product recommendations are served per use
case and predicted shopper’s preference

dynamic newsletters

Turn your blast emails into personalized newsletters

Your daily blast newsletter can and should converse with each individual on a 1-1 basis.
Use the power of machine learning to speak
with each customers via dynamic sections and
product recommendations

Recover lost revenue via Cart Abandonment emails

Go beyond simple cart reminders. Automatically create beautifully designed stories that compel customers to shop

recover lost reveneus

Tap into customer intent with Search Abandonment emails

When customers are searching on the site, they
are giving you precious intent data.
Automatically send crafted emails triggered
based on search queries to reflect shoppers’ needs

Send category-based newsletters to the right segment

Celebrate sub-categories of your inventory on a personal level. Each sub-category celebration is automatically created to balance shoppers’ preferences with brand freshness and on-going storytelling