Messages that
Increase Sales

Converse with your customers via personalized offers on social media

Engage your customers with adaptive, cross-channel
conversations utilizing Facebook’s custom audience API.
Dynamically create micro segments and serve relevant
product dynamic ads for each shopper

Facebook Dynamic Product Ads

Each shopper is unique. Avoid blasting all customers with the same ad just because it ‘converts better’ after a one time A/B testing experiment. Instead, use individual shoppers journeys to serve the best-matching items in your catalog via Facebook

Dynamic product recommendations

Utilize customers’ behavioral data cues to predict the best matching product recommendations

social media remarketing
facebook retargeting visitor

Facebook Retargeting according to each visitor’s behavioral data

Use customer intent and purchase data to efficiently retarget the same shoppers on Facebook

Increase Facebook budget ROI, By retargeting only relevant segments

Target the most valuable customers with the highest expected life time value

facebook budget roi increase