Personalization 2.0

How the Best Online Retailers are Winning with Personalization

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About the Webinar

Personalization is a key feature for many online retailers, yet few have been able to fully realize its potential. Watch this webinar to learn how implementing personalization tactics correctly can help improve your interactions with customers throughout their entire customer journey, and how to create a truly user-centric experience for them.

Discussion topics:

  • The customer journey and the next best message
  • Getting started with personalization, even on limited budget and resources
  • Advanced personalization tactics, including Visual Storytelling, automated email triggers, and social media personalization
  • Real life case studies from leading retailers such as Estee Lauder, Story, and Amazon

The presentation is followed by a Q&A session.

Recorded on July 19, 2016


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Ohad Shperling Co-founder and CEO, Personalics
Netta Kivilis Marketing, Personalics